Questions Commonly Asked About Roofing

Roofing Contractors Are Capable Of Fixing Your Roof Needs

You should always research the project you want done thoroughly, however here's a quick guide of questions and answers for you to start with:

My roof is leaking, do I need the whole thing replaced?

No. Depending on the size and quantity of the leak itself, you most likely will just need a repair. However don't get your hopes up. The roofing contractor won't know for certain until he gets out there to check it out. Now if you make it abundantly clear you're not looking for a replacement, he'll probably not bring it up unless it's necessary for the structure and safety of your home. 

Why do I need to hire you; can't I do the work myself?

Gosh I know, hiring home improvement contractors can be a pain. However if you do the proper research (look at reviews, etc.), then you'll be fine. Not every contractor is a scam artist. Most just love their job and love helping clients out to the maximum extent of their abilities. And yes you could probably do it yourself, but why would you want to? Contractors are bonded, licensed, and trained in doing the work. You could save money sure, but I can honestly tell you, your work will be no where near as good as a roofing contractor. Hire someone. It's worth it.

Can I roof over the top of my existing roof?

Yes, BUT it's not advisable. Here are some reasons why:

Shingles must be laid as flat as possible to be effective.  Old shingles can be lifted or curling, making them not flat; making it unwise to reroof. 

Shingles add weight to roofs. Here’s a factoid to remember: every 100 square feet of quality roofing adds 350 to 450 pounds of weight. That's helpful in knowing how much weight is above your head when you reroof.

A tear-off will allow you to inspect the underlayment and decking. Do you have a leak? Then you know the problem may not be as simple as repairing the shingles. Be aware there are  risks of  reroofing—namely, if there are additional problems with the roof, you may find yourself back here at the start in a few months.

Reroofing may void warranties or create problems come inspection time. Are you planning on selling soon? You may be trying to replace your roof for the lowest price possible, but inspectors are wise to this kind of behavior, and will report it to any potential buyers who have an inspection performed.              (GAF, roofing manufacturer)

We'll Help Install Shingles You Absolutely Love

I hate the color of my shingles; can I paint them?

It's not recommended because shingles lose their granules over time, so it'll end up looking blotchy. However, if you have a strong commitment to your roof, you can repaint them every few years and it won't look too bad. Honestly though, just pick a shingle color you like, and you won't have the problem of an ugly roof that you absolutely hate.

I did some repairs to my roof and noticed there's no roofing felt underneath; is this the correct way to install shingles?

Just no. Any roofer with even the smallest shred of dignity uses underlayment because it provides a vapor barrier between the roof deck and the shingles. It's a secondary element of waterproofing; it prevents the wood deck from leaching oils from the asphalt shingles. Only cheap home builders install roofs that way. Don't be cheap. Be smart.

How much will it cost?

It depends on what you're looking for. A repair? A replacement? An installation? What you want done effects how much you are going to pay. Average prices of jobs can be found in this article toward the middle, where the images are. 

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Find yourself a trusted contractor, like we have here at Adept, and during the appointment all of your questions will be answered, and all of your requirements will be met. 

I hope this has helped you with your process of repairing, replacing, or installing a roof. Just remember to research, and the process will go even easier.  

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