Give Reviews... Please?

Ah, the wonderful world of the internet. Where memes were created and self-esteem is destroyed. It's no wonder why people practically live on their phones, tablets, computers, and every other device. It makes you NOT wish for the good old days of when you accidentally push the internet button on your phone and have to press the cancel button over and over again to ensure you would not have to pay for such a luxury. 


Now that I have captured your attention with that run-on paragraph-sentence thing... Time for my real topic for this blog post. REVIEWS. I've brought up advertising and how it's a total b**** to deal with, but one way to make everyone happy, including yourself, is to review. Love a business? Give it 5 stars! Hate a business? Make the bastards suffer with only 1 star. 

However, don't be that person who likes to troll and over exaggerate with fruitful lies and events. These are peoples' lives you're messing with. So if you contact a roofing contractor, for example (I have no idea where I came up with that profession), it's going to take more than one day to complete the work. Don't give crappy reviews just because your understanding of a profession is limited. Like Yelp's overall rating is an average. So if you lie and give a business 1 star, our overall rating is going to be like 3 stars. That's just rude. Don't be like that. Don't be a total little.... Whoa. That was going in a bad direction. Yikes. 

Okay, I feel  like I have gotten off topic somehow. I apparently have rage. 


Reviews. Right. Write them, share them. For a business to succeed, we need testimonials. Realistic testimonials on how we are to work with. Give us advice on how we should improve, or personally, give advice on how perfect we are.😉 

Seriously though, how do we expand if it looks like we've never even served? The answer might shock you. We don't. We don't expand. I know, you are dumbfounded. 

I may also have a sarcasm problem on top of the rage problem. I'll attempt to tone it down. 


We live in a world of distrust, so when we look for a company, we research. And whether it be purchasing a coffee grinder off of Amazon or looking for a contractor, we look at reviews. What other people say matters (except when it comes to you. You're beautiful. Haters gonna hate). 

Attempting to recenter this hot mess of a blog, review and discuss your experiences. For smaller businesses, like roofing contractors (just pulling this out of thin air), counting on testimonials is our best advertising. We aren't Walmart or Target selling cheap clothes and inexpensive electronics. We need help in spreading the word on how great we are. 


To finish, please review, and when doing so, remember to think how your words and actions do have an impact. Be mindful, but be honest. People deserve the best. It's our job to give it to them. To give it to you. ❤️

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