Signs of Bad Roofing

If you aren't a roofer, how can you know if the work was done correctly? 


Here are some of the signs that you should look for when it comes to a bad roofer:

The roofer is a door to door sales person: After a huge storm, or some weird weather, you'll notice roofing flyers and cards stuck in your car window, your front door, and in your mailbox. These companies are damage control, and aren't actually accredited. Research for the best companies; those companies tend to not shove flyers down your throat.

To expand further on the subject of door to door; if the sales person is abnormally aggressive, and refuses to take no for an answer, do not go with their company! They'll lie to you, offer you deals which will not be kept, and most importantly they aren't doing what's best for you, the customer, and your property.

Always look into the roofing company, and it doesn't hurt for them to be affiliated with and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (just saying). 


The roofer doesn't go into depth about the roof structure: A roofer who doesn't discuss with you about the protrusions (i.e. chimneys and skylights),is not a roofer you should trust. A great roofer will inspect the structure in its entirety, and then he will take the time to answer all your questions thoroughly. If they give you a bid, and nothing more, don't go with them. If the roofer doesn't seem to really know what he's talking about, try another. Never settle. 

The roofer has no paperwork readily handy: Any contractor that you hired, should always have the proper licenses and certificates. They'll have plenty of copies, so if you ask for proof, they will hand you them right away. If a contractor doesn't seem to have anything on hand, or doesn't even know what you're talking about, then it's pretty obvious you shouldn't go with that particular company. 


But what happens when you hire a seemingly great contractor? Here are some signs of bad roofing work:

Roof is not uniform in appearance: If your roof has one perfect side, but then the other half seems rushed, that means they didn't do a good job. They wanted to get done by a certain time, and did do the best job to finish. 

Another way your roof is not uniform is when there is mismatching shingles, or incorrect color matches. That usually means they cut corners in order to save money on materials. If they aren't doing what's best for the structure and appearance, that means they're not doing their best. 


Missing underlayment: One way to tell if a roofer cut corners, is if they do not use underlayment. Underlayment is a very important step; the material is place between the roof decking and shingles. It is detrimental for waterproofing. No underlayment means you will most likely be prone to leaks, and it also causes premature aging of your roof. Without underlayment your new roof could look twenty years old after only five. 

Improper attachment methods: Different parts of the U.S. have different requirements. Whether it be the type of roofing needed, or the length of the nails used. Nails that are too short in high wind areas can cause missing shingles and roof damage. Nails that are too long can cause damage to shingles themselves, and will most likely damage the roof decking causing leaks. If the wrong methods are used it means an increase danger of your structure's durability, an increase in insurance premiums, and a for certain decrease of your funds.


 Of course these are only some of the signs that show a bad roofer, and bad roofing work. Just remember to always research. If something feels off, get another opinion. Multiple bids and offers will allow you to determine the best option. And remember to not always go with the lowest bidder. They could be cutting corners in all the wrong areas, and end up making you spend more money that the highest initial bid.

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