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  1. Roof line on a green house.

    An Overview Of Different Roofing Types In Downers Grove

    Roofing In Downers Grove The village of Downers Grove, IL, was founded way back in 1832, so you can imagine the variety of materials that have been used over the years to construct homes and roofs here. Of course, many of the original buildings have had to be reinforced, and new roof installations h…Read More

  2. The Benefits Of Properly Maintaining Your Roof

    Your home relies on a roof that’s intact and working tirelessly to protect it. From the walls to your furniture, and from your exterior (and interior!) paint job to your carpeting, so much of your house depends on the integrity of your roof. If there is a leak, any part of your home can ultimately…Read More

  3. Which Roofing Materials Are The Best?

    If it’s time to replace your roof, this question has probably crossed your mind: Which roofing materials are best for my home? There are so many different factors that go into this question that it’s hard to give one definitive answer. The fact is, there are advantages to each type of material u…Read More

  4. How To Find The Right Roofing Contractor

    Not all roofing contractors are the same. If you live in Downers Grove, Villa Park, Naperville, or any of the surrounding communities, here’s what you should look for in roofing contractors, whether you need a roof replacement or any type of roof repairs. Experience In Your Region You may find it …Read More

  5. Is Your Roof Due For Repair?

    How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Repairs? This is a big question on many homeowners’ minds. Is it time for roof repairs? If your roof is starting to get old, if you’ve been at this location more than seven years and you’ve never had your roof serviced, or if your neighborhood has been hit hard t…Read More

  6. How to Spot Hail Damage on Your Roof

    Here in Texas, we’re no strangers to hail storms. That’s why, the vast majority of people in the Downers Grove area know that, after a hail storm, it’s always advisable to take photographic evidence of the damage for your insurance company. This will help to make the process of filing a claim …Read More