What’s confusing to most people are the signs of residential roof replacement. Sure, your roof is getting up there in age, but does that mean it doesn’t have a few good years left?

Adept Construction offers free residential roofing estimates, and with a roofing inspection, we can help you determine if it’s time for a residential roof replacement service. Our expert contractors have years of experience replacing residential roofs and can tell when a roof is showing the worst for the wear. Below, we’ll go over some tell-tale signs you may need a roof replacement service for your Northern Illinois home. Call us today to get started!


Shingles Are Cracked, Missing, or Curled

A sure sign that a residential roof replacement on your Northern Illinois home is around the corner is a plethora of damaged shingles. When your shingles begin to curl or crack, or if you notice a lot of missing granules, then your shingles are getting worn out. When your shingles begin to wear out, this can open up an avenue for water to penetrate them and eventually reach your attic where it can cause major damage to your home. If only a few shingles are missing or damaged, Adept Construction can offer a roof repair. However, when the majority of your residential roof’s shingles are throwing in the towel, it’s best to replace your entire residential or commercial roofing system.

Greenery on the Roof

Like green stuff growing on food in your refrigerator, green stuff growing on your roof means something is not right. Moss and mildew can only grow where there is moisture. Moisture on your roof is not a good thing. Plus, moss and mildew hold moisture on your roof, which can lead to undue wear and tear and a shortening of the lifespan of your roof. While mold can be removed by a DIY job, it usually ends up growing back as it is incredibly resilient to any attempt to remove it. If you see green on your roof, call in your local roofing company, Adept Constructions, for an inspection service today.

Leaky Roof

If your roof is leaking, this usually means a residential roof replacement service is needed, especially if it’s in more than one spot. This is one good reason to go up into your attic regularly. You’ll want to look for any wet spots or wet insulation. Mold can take root as well and grow in your attic. Ice dams in the winter can cause your roof to leak as well. To see if you need a residential roof replacement or a roof repair if you notice water in your attic, give Adept Construction in Naperville a call today!

Aesthetic Value is Impacted

If your residential roof just looks bad and it is noticeable from the street, you may need a roof replacement. This can ultimately impact the value of your home, especially if you were in the market to sell it. Worn out roofs make your entire home seem old and falling apart, and no matter what other features you add, such as a killer landscape job, your worn-out roof will negate the effects. Call your local roofers, Adept Construction, for your old and aging residential roof replacement estimate today!

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