Sometimes Roof Replacement Over Roof Repair is Fiscally More Responsible

Yes, sometimes it is fiscally more responsible to choose a roof installation over a roof repair. Don’t wait for multiple repairs at multiple times.

Roof maintenance can be difficult, but sometimes, affordable roofing is spending more money at once in order to save more money over a period of time. Not only can prices for roofing materials vary year to year, but if you have an older roof, or a roof with shoddy workmanship, repair costs add up.

Identify The Pros and Cons of Roofing Maintenance 

There are multiple types of roofing, each one with their own set of pros and cons (

If you know what you’re looking for (, or if you plan to stick with the same roofing materials then your job is already half way done. However, if you do have an old roof, sometimes the businesses in which your materials are from will have shut down, so if you go with a repair, you have to settle for the closest matching shingle. And if you are a little picky about how your house looks then you should go with an installation. As we know from experience, you’ll just replace the roof at a later time after the repair. Which means, honestly, you're spending too much money ( And if your roof is falling apart, a repair will just cost more money, because then you're just getting repair after repair.

Average Roof Repair Estimates

According to these are the average roof repair estimates for:

  • Missing shingles-$100
  • Vertical stits-$100
  • Leaking gutters/flashing/valley-$90
  • Leaking chimney/skylight-$2 to $3
  • Ice Dams-$50
  • Inadequate roof pitch-$850 to $1000