While reading the roof installation steps above may make it sound like an easy, DIY, weekend job, residential or commercial roof installations are anything but. It takes a trained eye in order to spot any damage from your old roof, and you want nothing but experienced local roofers installing your roof to ensure it is done right. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night because water is leaking on their face from a shoddy roof installation.

Adept Construction is your local roofer of choice in the Naperville area for roof installation services. We serve a wide area west of Chicago, including Downers Grove, Hanover Park, Addison, Oak Park, and so much more. Our mission is to provide you with a roof that will stand the test of time and do so with little thought on your part, besides your annual roof inspection and gutter cleaning services. Below, we’ll briefly touch on the steps to installing a roof. Contact our roof installation team today!


Remove the Old Roof

You only remove the old roof if there is an old roof to be removed, meaning this step would not apply to residential or commercial new construction homes or businesses. All of the old roofing material down to the underlayment sheathing should be removed prior to the new roof installation.


With older roofs, you never know what damage may lie underneath from roof leaks, storm damage, critters, mold, and more. Roof rot could be present as well, which would warrant some rafters being replaced. A thorough roof inspection performed by your local roofers, such as Adept Construction, will ensure your roof is structurally stable and ready to be re-roofed.

Protective Layering

Our residential and commercial roofing company deems it prudent to invest in underlayments for your roof installation. Just like adding on additional layers of clothing keeps you warmer in the winter, adding in additional layers of protective roofing material will help keep your roof warm and snug, which translates into you and all that abides beneath it. An underlayment not only provides an insulating layer, but it also provides added protection from moisture should a leak occur.

Install the New Roofing Material

Adept Construction specializes in installing shingle roofing, flat roofing, cedar shake roofing, and composite roofing as our roofing materials of choice. We also install other roofing materials upon request, including CertainTeed NorthGate impact-resistant shingles and more. Each roofing material has a slightly different roof installation process, but in general, you pick a corner and work your way up, ensuring everything is nice and tight as you go along.

Final Inspection & Cleanup Services

After your new roof has been installed, it’s time for the final inspection. Here, we walk around with you, ensuring everything’s in its place, and we evaluate if there is adequate ventilation, insulation, and waterproofing done. We make sure every nail is tight and nothing got missed during the roof installation process at your Naperville residential or commercial place. Then we clean up our mess and bid adieu, leaving you happy and satisfied with your new roof.


Adept Construction was founded with the idea that a better customer experience could be had for roofing services in the Naperville area. We are a family-owned business who wants to provide you with the highest quality roofing materials and roof installations that will last a lifetime. After all, you are too busy to be thinking about your roof. Our knowledgeable team offers superb craftsmanship that is 100% guaranteed. Call our roofing company for a free residential or commercial roofing estimate today!